Don't Tell Ma

from by Badwater Sound



skippin town in a borrowed coat
you were right when you said i'd never make it out alone
but if our demons could see me now they'd be shocked to find
that they got no one left to haunt
no mind no soul no bones
it's just ghosts and their favorite sounds
filling up the space between my death and shrinking towns
none of the living said a word aloud
to keep me dumb when I was dull when I was sitting on the ground
heat lightning in the air and in the fluid of my spine
licks the dust off of my bones and kisses me goodnight

thunder pushes me to song
and now my heart is cold to all except the sound
of engines firing through the night
and voices raging against the dying of the light

it's hard to take I know you were trying
were you dying to be here or were you just dying
fighting with the words that you were told
did your words touch bone did your tongue for lightning?
me, i fell complacent in that long calm before the storm
until i felt the hair rise on my neck and went diving to the earth
of water or wine or that fluid from my spine
ocean brine or blood or the rain turned dirt to mud
if I'm lost or newly found or just given up to the clouds
her masterpiece the sound the fury and I'm gone
between my soul and the science of this thunder raging up above
everything i'll come to love is undiscovered to me now

thunder pushes me to song
i picked me up out of myself out of the mud
my engine fires through the night
my voice is raging against the dying of the light
thunder pushes me to song
and don't tell ma but I ain't ever coming home
but if you listen in the night
you'll hear me raging against the dying of the light


from Dam the Night, released June 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Badwater Sound Chicago, Illinois

Americana Rock n Roll for punks, misfits, givers, takers, leaners, and shakers, for dancing, deliberating, fornicating, and burning things down.

Badwater Sound is
Zach Nelson: Guitars, Vocals
Zach Babbe:
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