City Lights

by Badwater Sound

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First single off our upcoming full length album 'Dam the Night'

Until then, keep that furnace blowin'


released November 22, 2016

City Lights written and performed by Badwater Sound
Big River originally written and performed by Johnny Cash

Recorded at IV Lab Studios
Tracked by Mike Sportiello, Paul Aluculesei, and Shane Hendrickson
Mixed by Mike Sportiello
Mastered by Rollin Weary
Produced by Mike Sportiello



all rights reserved


Badwater Sound Chicago, Illinois

Americana Rock n Roll for punks, misfits, givers, takers, leaners, and shakers, for dancing, deliberating, fornicating, and burning things down.

Badwater Sound is
Zach Nelson: Guitars, Vocals
Zach Babbe:
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Track Name: City Lights
So now the sun sets down on America across her hundred sprawling timezones
Do you got a place to sleep tonight are you sleeping there alone?
Lay down and don't you worry when the daylight's in retreat, we'll make our way into the darkness, bring this city to her knees
I can't paint a portrait of her streets cuz I can't see
Just how they live in the balances of a million different things
Trade your hours trade your pay trade your name and trade your age
But when the daylight loosens up her vice
You and me, darling, we're going dancing under them city lights
Things been looking good for you, doll, they ain't been looking good for me
I started off with good intentions but the fires I lit, they caught to other things
I got blood on my hands on this guitar his blood and mine both at the scene
Blood running down the steering wheel in the ignition on the keys
But I'm pulling up on state street, before I leave there's just this one thing to go down tonight
You and me, darling, are going dancing under them city lights
Your folks are staying in
You'd get awful tired after fifty years out in them midwest winter winds
Working all day into the night working for their whole damn lives
To keep that furnace blowing to keep your dreams alive
But at night
Under the calm cool darkness of the night
They're dancing to that Memphis soul
Sliding across that kitchen floor
Even their gods get down to rock n roll
Take their time all sweet and slow
Sweaty asses smacking up against heaven's pearly walls
You can hear it if you listen in the night
So tonight
You and me, darling, are going dancing under them city lights
So the sun sets down on American and makes room for our desire
So I lit a little fire, caught to this river and these tires
When the morning breaks it could mean the end of you and me, yours and mine
So tonight
You and me, darling, are going dancing under them city lights