Dear Continence

by Badwater Sound

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Dear Continence, this is our farewell.


released December 9, 2015

All songs written, performed, produced, and owned by Badwater Sound

Recorded by Rooster's Records in a Chicago motorcycle garage

Mastered by Micky T. Craft at Multi Track Chicago

Special thanks to Danny Cozzi of All the Wine and Tony Immergluck for backup vocals on the last track.

And thank you for listening. See yous on the road.



all rights reserved


Badwater Sound Chicago, Illinois

Americana Rock n Roll for punks, misfits, givers, takers, leaners, and shakers, for dancing, deliberating, fornicating, and burning things down.

Badwater Sound is
Zach Nelson: Guitars, Vocals
Zach Babbe:
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Track Name: Ghosts and You

Keep twisting that radio dial. Keep that needle on them lost and static sounds that I first heard and fell for when I was a child. I still sing them every night. Oh, how Billie sang and Lightnin' played through that jukebox all night. That was the first time I ever saw you smile.

I got letters from dead lovers in a shoebox in my room, cuz no one understands me except for ghosts and, maybe, you. I'm bringing home that jukebox and it'll one day be my tomb. And I'm gonna build a house for you.

The summers came with thunder, the winters came with age. You say that I got older, I say these songs have never changed. I still sing them every night with the hope to take me back to when you used to wear that smile, with your eyes so full of shipwrecks and your hands so full of god, that pull the waters from the earth and give them back as rain.

I wrote songs about dead writers on my way to Sunday School, cuz Lord knows I ain't got no one except for ghosts and, I pray, you. So I'm bringing home that jukebox and it'll one day be my tomb, and I'm gonna build a house for you. Maybe someday I can live there too.

For all the dead lovers on the radio: I carry wood and stone.
For all the dead poets to whom I owe it all: I carry wood and stone.
And for you I carry all this wood and stone.

For you I carry all my broken bones.
Track Name: Sangre
Hold steady as she wakes, that tempest coming to rip us all away.
Smile into her eye, it might be the last blue sky we see for sometime.
I've got good blood on my chin and in my veins,
And in the dirt stuck to the bottom of my boots.

This ain't nothing, baby, this is rock n roll,
Sangre de Me and You, just a couple lonely souls.

Bring the metalheads in tow, the poolhall punks, and any idealists that we know.
Bring your crew and family, too. Bring your mama's dancing shoes.
Bring her words and poems, heart and bones, that I've always loved in you.

This aint confession, baby, this is rock n roll,
"if you ain't dying, you know you best be living, son."

I ain't got nothing, honey, I got rock n roll
Sangre de me and you and my marching soul.

This ain't revelation, baby, this is rock n roll.
It won't feed you, but it'll keep you keeping on.
This ain't revelation, this is only rock n roll,
Sangre de Me and You, the dirt, and our precious souls.
Track Name: New Mexico
Pick me up with all your other friends and we'll course out this old city
Find our youth and find her scars under her lights.
Cut me open, count my rings, dress my wounds, and take me in
Just don't send me back into that awful night.

Darling, do you gotta look so blue?
The smell of sex ain't even left the room.
We'll step back into the street,
Smoke these Stolen Camel Blues
Behind the Walgreens or the LA Tan
Pretend like we're living in
a fabled version of our native promised land.
And in the morning,

We're going to New Mexico, baby,
Where I hear that they still live that way.
So we're going to New Mexico, baby,
or we're going up in flames.

Give me gin and piss, indifference,
I'll give you buckshot teeth and pride and grief
Give me your contact high and pain,
When I'm out and raising Cain.
Give me your hand and all its spells
Watch me turn it all to hell for you.

These sprawling cities ain't for me,
this insincerity it ain't for you
so pack your car up to the roof
and meet me in

New Mexico, baby.
Or meet me in hell.
If we ain't going to New Mexico, baby,
We ain't going nowhere at all.
Track Name: Havenots, Honey
We've got every kind of reason to leave it all out on the line.
You were worried bout your futures when you met me in the night.
Your brother died in Baghdad.
Your daddy lost his mind.
Mama tried to hold it together,
but even she falls short sometimes.

You ain't no good in daylight
You're scared you ain't no good at all,
well, you and me are havenots, honey,
The Night can save our souls.

So what you gonna do, ma, what you gonna do?
You gonna strip me to my bones with your rhythm and your blues?
Reach inside of me and find everything I swore I'd lost?
You said I changed all my favorite clothes and lines,
well, you ain't wrong, I ain't been right, not since Jon got lost and died.

But if I'm bound to be a havenot
I'll give my young back to those city lights.
You and me are havenots, honey,
and we could own The Night.

So strap your long legs into my shotgun seat.
We're going out tonight to a BYO redemption party
with all the other havenots in a bowling alley parking lot
to consecrate ourselves into The Night once and for all.
Track Name: Dear Continence
Dear Continence,

This is my farewell. From this point on if there's something trying to break free out of me there will not be any hold left barred; there won't be anything keeping me from hell or kingdom come.

So go and squeeze the life right outta me. Settle at least for piss and sin, or blood and irony. Let our leaders cry in unison for what we choose to be; I'm leaving their edicts, concrete hand me downs, and frivolous things.

I was drunk and I was crazy I was hellbent on the blues. I was wild and I was angry when I found out it was a ruse. I was drunk and I was crazy I was batshit over you. I was drunk and I was crazy I was true.

In a corner of the winter, even darker then the rest, I found you in your waiting to put your words out to the test, sitting in the foreground of a slowly forging better life, wild and drunk dancing your way through every night.

But in the spring you came out swinging with footwork like Ali and a right like Smokin Joe like who'd have even known that you were minutes from the end, inches from the cliff, but something pulled you back now can you tap that thing again?

You were drunk and you were crazy you were hellbent on the blues. But you filled the world with light you filled the world with truth. You were drunk and you were crazy and you almost never knew that you were drunk and you were crazy you were true.

Dear Continence, can you forgive me this? You served me well when we were kids, but now the time has come that I've gotta deal with this, Dear Continence. Dear Continence.

We were drunk and we were crazy we were fucked up on the blues. We stood a million stories tall against the bullshit and abuse. We were drunk and we were crazy we were filling better shoes. We were drunk and we were crazy we were true.

We were drunk and we were crazy we were true.