Strip Malls and God

from by Badwater Sound



round up your fears
dry them for kindling
get braced for the night
got nowhere to sleep since
they sent ya out looking for Jesus
found him burned into a boxspring
next to bedbugs and cumstains
moved out on our families and into the night
built our new lives in the shadows
of the big city lights

we shared good love and bad luck
platitudes and drunk fucks
wrecked our bodies and filled them up with
communion wine and gasoline
cigarettes and sacrament
spent years of our lives finding out
how little it meant

chalk it up to strip malls and God
young bucks with blind faith in nothing much at all
chalk it up to strip malls and God

wearing their clothes and singing their songs
even grandmama's radio taught us nothing much at all
about roofers fisherman and dealers
teamsters and heathens metalheads and Jesus
starbucks rehab oilfields and badlands
or a roof that we could share over your head and my head
I don't care how can we just make it there
I'll sing Jesus blood in country songs or hardcore bands in parking lots
just keep my ass out of the daylight
keep me in the night

I've had enough of these strip malls and God
the reasons we had weren't reasons at all
I'm burning down strip malls I'm burying all my gods
We'll settle down anywhere else


from Dam the Night, released June 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Badwater Sound Chicago, Illinois

Americana Rock n Roll for punks, misfits, givers, takers, leaners, and shakers, for dancing, deliberating, fornicating, and burning things down.

Badwater Sound is
Zach Nelson: Guitars, Vocals
Zach Babbe:
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